Happy Chinese New Year’s!

Happy Chinese New Year’s everyone! Even though we’re not Chinese. And we’re not even considered Asian by some people. And also, I guess we don’t really believe in the Chinese zodiac. And I’m not giving my kids red envelopes with money inside so soon after Christmas and so close to their birthdays. And also this […]

I Am A Mother

I am a mother. I am critical. I let the flower of my tongue bloom without censor. I sometimes pick favorites. I sleep too little. I love too much. I am impatient. I am breakable. I am imperfect in every way. I am a mother.  

Family Ties

If I had to make a list of the most difficult things about moving cross country — these people would be at the top. My parents are still in North Carolina. My sister lives in California — so I guess that’s closer? But coordinating a family get together is more like a tag team match. […]