This is the best picture taken of me in the history of the universe. Imagine my hair shorter, bags under my eyes, and a nose ring — and that’s what I look like presently.

My name is Alane Basco-Yu.  I (mistakenly) started writing this blog under my alter ego/nickname:  Lala Yu, imagining I could write whatever I wanted and it would never get back to me. It’s taken several years for me to figure out that was a stupid idea.

I live a short boat ride from Seattle, WA, with my husband, four to six kids — depending on the day of the week.  They are all pretty awesome.



We also have an occasional dog a dog we were dog sitting for 8 months+ and never got picked up. Look at this picture — you would keep her too, right?


I was born and raised in the Southern United States, with the exception of a few years in Italy.  I recently relocated my family to the Pacific Northwest and love everything about this area except for the constant wet. And even that I kinda enjoy.

I used to think my life was crazy, but now that I have been still long enough — I can see that there is a rhythmic quality to the constant chaos.  I write to bring some order to to all that I manage as:  a mother, a business owner, a writer, and a chronically ill person.

I write about health, heart disease, PVNS, lupus, fibro, thyroid cancer, chronic illness, parenting, co-parenting, step-parenting, non-traditional blended families, foreclosure, social media and other random things including my obsession with green food food in general. Mostly I write about how these things are balanced in my every day life.  I like to share personal and heart-wrenching experiences with the topics I’ve listed above (except for the green food) so this is not really one of those fun and perky blogs…but it’s therapeutic and it’s real life and it works for me, so there’s that.

I run a few ads on this blog because in my dream life I will generate income for simply being me.  Until that happens, please visit my PR and sponsored post friendly blog at Halfass Couponing.  (That means I will promote, test, or sample your products in exchange for money, tattoos, or actual products).  This blog is focused mainly on couponing and thrifty living.  This blog does not include information on how to buy 100 bags of croutons and a gazillion boxes of Tic Tacs for $1.29.

I also just started writing a blog focused on parenting and video games called Gap Gaming. It’s super new, so I’m still playing around with it.  For an actual paycheck, I do web and marketing administration — you can learn more at Lalayu Consulting.