Bagel, The Chicken Killing Puppy


I will lick you. I will kill you.

This is Bagel. She is a ferocious chicken killer.

I realize she looks all cuddly and innocent, but she has a fat ass and is definitely not house-trained.  Did I mention she is a chicken killer?

A few weeks ago I received an email from our local chapter of FreeCycle about a free lhasa apso pug mix puppy that needed a new home.  We happen to have a dog that we have been dogsitting for a year now, that needed a friend.  (Note:  the email that went out initially did not mention that this dog was a chicken killer.) After exchanging a few emails and photos, I agreed to go and “take a look” which, in case you didn’t know — in Lala language — means, come home with a new dog.


Five minutes before she vomited in my car.

It is not clear if I committed (in my heart and mind) to keeping this dog before or after I found out it had chased and killed a chicken on a farm.  But, what I do know is that we have not yet had any experience with this ferocious little fat ass trying to kill anything. In fact, besides the numerous accidents on my carpet, it has been a welcome addition to our family — which now includes two grown ups, four children, two guinea pigs, two dogs and a visiting raccoon.

Some facts:

1) I’m pretty sure she’s never killed a chicken.

2) I’m pretty sure she’s not a puppy.

3) I’m pretty sure she has never been house trained.


1) Don’t believe everything you read.

2) Everyone (dog) knows something you don’t. Learn from them.

3) Love everything. Even when it vomits the first time you meet it.


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