Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s so soon after Chinese New Year’s and right before President’s Day, two holidays I also do not give a shit about! Such a busy time of year. 

In the last few months I have scribbled lots and lots about thyroid cancer, cancer, mothering through recover, scans, processes, radiation, lasagna, etc.  And now…here I am:  somewhat past it all and it seems like a blur that I hope to never repeat again in my life.  I’m not sure how hard it will be for me to find the energy to turn my scribble into words.  My heart wants to put it behind me.

But the reality of cancer (I did NOT know this before) is that actually being “cancer-free” doesn’t happen overnight.  It’s not one clear scan, but several years of clear scans that give you the right to carry around this coveted title. For now, I’m so very proud to use the word “survivor” — and until my next scan, it’s more than enough. 

And so…just like that…I’m back to my normal, every day, tuck and roll life — new and improved with a scar that doesn’t seem to quit. (Anyone know how to stop keloids from forming?)  I’m soaking in the spoonfuls of happiness while it lasts, you just never know what is waiting around the corner.  ❤



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