A List of Lessons Learned

It’s been a tough year for me.  Tough, but happy. I’m thankful to have been in such a peaceful place in my life, otherwise — I’m sure I would not have survived the curve balls I’ve been thrown this year. I made a list of lessons learned, which is also a list of resolutions and reminders for me.  Sharing it here so I always have a checklist as the year goes on.  Love and light to you on this wonderful first day of the year.

  • Fine tune your instincts, especially when it comes to your health.
  • If it doesn’t reciprocate, deserve, or appreciate you, then don’t waste your time or energy.
  • Talk less, say more.
  • Leave a margin.
  • Accept help.
  • Find the silver lining.
  • Hug your parents.
  • Perfect one of your mother’s & your mother-in-law’s recipes.
  • Teach your kids how to cook.
  • Ask for the impossible: be prepared for no and genuinely thankful for yes.
  • The people you know are just as valuable as who they can connect you to.
  • Cultivate every relationship that makes you happy.
  • Release the need to be right.
  • Learn to meditate, or at least how to sit quietly and count to a hundred.
  • Heal with purpose.

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