Another Post About Korean Food. Also, Doves.


Last Saturday after my son’s soccer game (where they won their 10th game in a row and finished the season UNDEFEATED thank you very much) we stopped at a little restaurant on the side of the road to have lunch.

The outside wasn’t impressive, it was small, the sign outside looked kind of shady, but we knew it was the kind of food we enjoyed so we went in anyway. I parked race ready with my headlights out in case we needed to race out shoot em up bang bang style. There wasn’t anyone else in the restaurant and the only server was watching a football game.  I’m sure he was a bookie and the whole thing was a front for the gambling mob in this tiny port town, population I’m guessing about 6k. I thought about leaving, but my son wanted to stay and give it a chance.

Lunch was perfect. The food was incredible. (Korean food is my absolute favorite — the more authentic, the better.)  You may not like the picture above, but I promise — it was yummy. The best part is that it was served in this hot pot that stayed super hot, so the rice on the bottom was nice and crispy.  Seriously. Yum.  The service, even though his eye was on the TV the whole time (Alabama upset), was good.  The company — my son — was great.

There’s a lesson in this somewhere. I’m not exactly sure what it is yet.

Now, I’m not going to encourage you to go eat at shady restaurants on the side of every road, but I will tell you that one of the best meals I have ever had was a hole in the wall oyster shack off Hwy 17 near Bogue Sound, NC — where you could smell the salt water and there was sand on the floor.  My father does this whenever we drive somewhere new.  He has this uncanny talent for picking shady places that turn out to be jewels.

Could be:

Maybe I’m just like my father. *cue Prince*

Don’t judge restaurants, people, shady signs on the side of the road by your first impression.  (I never buy seafood from trucks on the side of the road with hand painted signs though.  Also, food carts on the streets of Mexico? Don’t do that.)

Trust your kids. (I don’t have a joke for this one, my kid’s instincts are on point.)

Some secrets are better kept secrets. (I’m not telling you the name of the restaurant since I have made reference to would-be gangster’s in this post and don’t want to make false accusations and get my thumbs chopped off.)

Lunch dates with one child at a time can be incredibly rewarding. With a big family, and so much going on, my attention is divided between the kids daily — this is SUCH a special treat for them.  Do it when you have a chance.  (That’s my bit of motherhood advice for the day : )


(Also, if you’re humming When Doves Cry in your head — don’t blame me.)


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