How My Brain Works Before Bedtime

I spend lots of time making lists….usually right before bedtime. Long lists of things I have forgotten to do, things that I need to do, things that I want to do, things that I don’t want to forget.

In the process of putting one last load of laundry in the washer I transfer another load to the dryer. I realize that one of my children has put soap in the fabric softener cuppy thingy instead of fabric softener. I go upstairs to get a cup of water so that I can rinse it out. I pick up some rainboots and remember that my 4th grader has grown out of hers and will need new ones. I see the carpet steamer that I left at the top of the stairs last Sunday and wonder if I should return it to Walmart, since it didn’t really clean the carpet. It didn’t suck up any water. It didn’t do anything but spray water all over my carpet. Which reminds me that carpet is still damp after almost a week. I wonder if I should make some coffee and set the timer on so that I won’t have to do it in the morning. I remember that my iPad is in one of the kids bedrooms. I walk down the hallway and notice that one of my children is awake watching a movie on the computer. I try to bribe him to keep his room clean and remind him about his soccer game tomorrow. I pick up trash and laundry off his floor and talk to him for a few minutes about why his cleats are so dirty. Then I hear a noise and check on the guinea pigs and realize they don’t have any water. I fill the water bottle and remind my son to brush his teeth.  I talk to the dog a bit, who tells me she doesn’t ever want to go back to her owners. I agree with her.  I put the steamer away. And all the shoes that are at the top of the stairs back in their place. And pick up the three bottles of carpet cleaner. And wonder why the fabric softener is upstairs. And remember it’s because I used it when cleaning the carpet. Someone told me that it would make my carpet extra clean. But really, it’s just extra wet.

I come downstairs and finish loading the washing machine. And remember that I needed a cup of water to clean out the fabric softener cuppy. I pick up laundry in random spots all the way to the bathroom and fill a cup of water and find a ring I thought I lost and hang some jackets and pick up some trash and get some water to drink and make it all the way back to the washing machine where I finally start the load of laundry.  I see the girls swimming bag on the floor and make a mental note to wash that next. Maybe in the morning. Then I remember that I needed to set the coffee timer. But then I would have to walk all the way upstairs. And I have to do it anyway because my iPad is still up there somewhere and I have to make my list before bedtime or I might forget something.

There’s always tomorrow.


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