Flexing My Motherhood Muscles


Mothers think they can do anything. And everything. It’s a fake superpower we have.

Most of the time we can — and we do.

Sometimes I get complimented on all I manage. Total joke right? *ahem* I feel so fake when I accept compliments on my parenting skills, because the truth is:  what choice do I have? It’s not like I’m just going to wake up one day and crap out on my kids and not do all the things they expect me to do.

But lately, my health has been outside of my control and I’ve tried to limit our activity. Just a little. *laughs maniacally*

There’s a superpower mommy muscle that I just recently found:  it’s the one that asks for help.  I’m learning to flex it a lot these days. But it’s just like any other muscle that you don’t use often — gotta practice, gotta learn, gotta get it right. Bare with me while I learn to make this muscle strong, it’s one I’m digging deep for these days.  My body will achieve what my mind believes.

(Advance thanks to all those I’m going to hit up for help in the next few weeks and months.) Peace.


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