Rollin' in the Sweet from lalayu on Vimeo.

In the hospital, waiting on test results.

I read three separate posts last week — different perspectives on motherhood and how our children help make us brave. Maybe there's a list somewhere of topics to choose from? If you know how I can get a hold of that list, please tell me.

I remembered this video I found on my iPad — that my Olive recorded. There were two of them — the first was her “blooper one.” She sang the song over and over and over again, stopping when she messed up and then starting over again. It's all in one recording. She didn't stop trying to get it right. At FOUR years old. I love to watch how she tries and tries again.

Then she did a second recording — the one above — and NAILED it. Well, as close as she could get to nailing it. The lyrics are imperfect — like a funny karaoke version, but she is absolutely perfect.

My children (all of them) try without fear. My 16 year old talks; she barely spoke at all before 11 years old. My 14 year old does long jump in track; he's one of the shortest kids in his class. My 9 year old is brave enough to ask for what she wants — which is a loving and stable family. And Olive? She made this video. ; )

When I'm most afraid…I think about them. And am reminded that fear is simply not an option. ❤



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