You Make Me Smile

It's been a super duper emo few days for me. Some legal issues I didn't expect last week — I can't write about them, but I will soon. My parents and sister left this past weekend for NC & CA — I'm completely torn up and missing them terribly. And today, as I was being treated for other illnesses, I received two (unexpected) medical diagnoses.

Whenever I come back from the doctor looking tired and defeated my son says: just tell me — is if something that's going to kill you? I answer no. He says, ok, that's all I needed to know.

Because that's the key, isn't it? Of it doesn't kill you — it will certainly make you stronger.

So now I'm going to Google the crap out of the information and medication I received today, put together a management plan of my own, then prepare my kids for their first day of school tomorrow.

Despite it all — here are some things that made me smile today:

  • My kids managed fine on their own, all day long. Our oldest is home from college and they all took care of each other, even with a student council meeting, open house, and soccer practice.
  • The view of the peninsula from the Seattle side — the mountains, the water, the clear skies and sunset. Just breathtaking.
  • There's a tiny Korean restaurant called Bibimbap right when you get off the ferry, on the walkway that you take up to 1st Ave. She closes when she runs out of rice. Today she said she would pray for me and then made me the 2nd best bowl of bibimbap I've had in my life (1st is my MIL's).
  • I took a bus from Poulsbo to Bainbridge Island, a ferry from Bainbridge Island to Seattle, a cab from the ferry terminal to the hospital, a bus from the hospital to Westlake, walked from Westlake to the ferry, then a bus from Bainbridge back to Poulsbo, then walked from the bus stop home. I've had a full day of commuting and am exhausted, but now I know I can.
  • This coffee cup. It comes with a little lid shaped like a pigs face and stopped the bees from drinking my coffee.
  • I stole a pair of hospital pajama pants and they are so super comfy.



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