Cartwheels and Limeade


When was the last time you did a cartwheel?

I'm not talking all feel good butterfly wings and unicorn farts here so bear bare bear with me.

Today we had lunch, bought three types of desserts from Trader Joes, and spent two hours in a big grassy field. What do you do in a grassy field? Cartwheels of course. Also, barefoot races, tumbling races, and passing around a big bottle of limeade. I actually purchased the limeade for wine spritzers but it ended up being a good decision for the girls. I still had enough for a spritzer or three at the end of the day.


I can't remember the last time before today that I did a cartwheel. My wrists hurt. I have the balance of an awkward drugged jungle animal. Also, I'm apparently completely incapable of landing on my feet after haphazardly flipping my big ass into the air.

I laughed really hard and had the best time. And I'm not sorry.

Sometimes the best lessons I learn come from doing the simplest things.

  • You never really forget how to do things you enjoy.
  • Practice makes perfect. And practice is always possible.
  • The first secret (but not the only secret) to doing a cartwheel is the same as being happy — in your life, in your marriage, in your career, : you have to want to. When you want to do something, your big ass will follow.



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