Look at This Bitch Eating Those Crackers


Day 13 of my sabbatical.

That's right, I've taken to calling my month long vacation a sabbatical. It makes me sound much smarter. And exotic. And oh so european. Like I have a purpose. Like my days don't start with breakfast for four children who smell like grass and sun and end with marathon Breaking Bad episodes (can I get a quick woo hoo for the magic of Hulu? Pure genius.)

Anyway, do you ever google people you hate? I can't possibly be the only person in the world that does this. Normally I don't — because whenever anything comes up in the search I find myself rolling my eyes up into my head so far I give myself a migraine.

But tonight I was giving my brain a rest from the extremely important book I'm writing (“Bastard Covered Bastards with Bastard Filled Centers: Co-Parenting with People Who Dislike You”) and Googled someone I dislike. Man oh man oh man. Why do I do these things?

Now I have a migraine.



One thought on “Look at This Bitch Eating Those Crackers

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