Sleep Deprived Review of Disney’s “Brave”


Reasons to love this movie:

  • The graphics are amazing.  As my friend said, the only thing that still looked like a cartoon were the characters faces.  Her long flowy hair makes me wonder if they actually used a persons hair. Not like cut off a girls head and carried it around, but maybe she was walking around the set all Pantene commercial like.
  • I love that there is no prince.  Too many times our girls are taught that the way and the light to happiness is to be paired with a handsome prince.  Not true here — the happiness lies within your ability to wield a weapon. Works for me.
  • The folklore makes me want to read more about Irish SCOTTISH history.  Nerdy? Yes. Do I care? No.

Reasons to dislike this movie:

  • For a kids movie, I found it fairly violent.  We saw it Saturday and yesterday my four year old tried to stab my nine year old with a pencil.  She didn’t break skin, but ummmm…yanno.  Later she karate chopped her in the stomach.  She’s not normally this aggressive?  I blame Brave. And lack of parental supervision.
  • The accents were difficult to understand. This coming from a person who can really only understand half of what her Filipino mother says.
  • I felt like there was something missing from the story. What had the bear been doing all this time? Was it related to Merida and her family? Was there a connection in their royal lineage?  What destroyed the castle?  Why was it so angry? Why did it have to die by being crushed with a huge stone?

There you go. On to my next cup of coffee. *clink clink*


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