I Like To Think


I spent ALL day yesterday trying to solve one problem, and I forgot to do anything else. Including pick up my much needed prescription. I did the same today.

Ever get so caught up in one issue that it’s impossible to move on to the next? I do. It’s not interesting or helpful to share what the problem is — so I’ll leave it at that.

-I like to think I’m a multi-tasker. And I am, unless one of those tasks is difficult.

-I like to think I’m all about “try + try again”…And I am, except that attitude has gotten me stuck in one place.

-I like to think I am balanced enough to step away from a problem, in order to get some perspective. And I do, except I don’t do anything else productive.

PS: My problem is not related to my marriage, I just thought the pic was funny ; )


2 thoughts on “I Like To Think

  1. Been flipping through your blog posts…all because I clicked on your links to get a better look at your new haircut. Aah, the random, and sometimes pleasant, discoveries we make on our way to…nowhere in particular. What a treat..such a cute blog. I imagine we’d be friends if we weren’t limited to the other’s cyberworld.


  2. I am sure we would be too!!! But then again…nowadays cyberworld = real world. Until we meet, we’ll have to share a cup of coffee over the interwebz. *clink clink* : )

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