So yesterday I got this super dramatic haircut — very different from my comfort zone + style. Since I am too busy for IRL friends, I wanted to share it with my friends on Twitter & Facebook — so of course I took the natural steps:

  1. Take a gazillion pics of myself.
  2. Choose the perfect one.
  3. Instagram filter the shit out of it.
  4. Post. On every social network available to me.
  5. Reply with the mandatory “Awwwe shucks” when people compliment me.

And then…because I had already wasted 30 minutes of my life I would never get back, I put this silly background on it and a dramatic caption to match the dramatic haircut and also the dramatic filter, appropriately called “Drama…” I kinda had fun with this — I see the appeal. But every day? All the time? It would be easy to forget where your online persona ends and your real life begins.

Social media makes us weird. It brings out the vain, even when we are not vain. It makes us search for the perfect, in a pile of imperfect. It makes us filter the blemishes out of our lives, and share with people a glossed over version of ourselves. Sometimes it makes us more likable. Sometimes it backfires and makes us unlikeable. I really hate when that happens.

In my experience with social media, sharing the imperfect in my life has brought much perfect. I love this pic of myself — but when I look at my pics and read the things I write about — it’s the funny, unplanned, and untouched photos, tweets, and experiences that I like the most. And it’s what I like the most about you too. (Yes, YOU!)


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