On Her Schedule

Some things you should know about me:

1) I depend on a Google calendar to remind me of (almost) every detail of our family’s hectic schedule.

2) I occasionally forgot to enter events into our calendar.

3) Those forgotten events either don’t happen or happen as a surprise.

Olive’s last day of preschool was one of these events. A week and a half ago. SURPRISE!

I depend on those few hours a day while she is in preschool to: work, clean, run errands, shower, watch my missed TV shows, and sometimes just lay on my kitchen floor.

For a week and a half now — I have little schedule or structure while I build my days around what she wants to do. Having a four year old run my day has not been my best plan so far. My other kids don’t get out of school until June 20th, so until then — it’s just me and the girl. She’s learning to use my iPad. I think we might be ok.



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