Family Ties


If I had to make a list of the most difficult things about moving cross country — these people would be at the top. My parents are still in North Carolina. My sister lives in California — so I guess that’s closer? But coordinating a family get together is more like a tag team match. When she is there (in NC with my parents), I am here in Washington. When I am there, she is in California. We take turns sending each other pictures with the parents and making each other insanely jealous. This pic right here — makes my heartache. Look at the look on my father’s face — he just ADORES her. I love this picture so much.

I kept my sissy and my mother up past midnight EST to Skype with me. Not even talking about anything important. Just to laugh with each other. Pinching my pennies to save up for our next cross country adventure.

Are you close to your family? How do you make the distance bearable? Me? FaceTime. Skype. Texting pics back and forth. Technology eases it a bit. For now ; )


One thought on “Family Ties

  1. I think technology does ease some homesickness. I IM my mom through yahoo which she has on her cellphone. But sometimes that’s not enough. *sigh*

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