Full House


When I was a kid my mom would drive us to school in the mornings and sometimes, when the weather was bad or we were running late, or just because she felt like it — my mom would pick up kids on the way. She just has this way about her — quirky and funny and just a general “It takes a village to raise a child” attitude in general. There isn’t a time in my childhood that I don’t remember my parents always taking in other kids or people in our home.

I thought of her yesterday when I packed nine kids into my minivan and took them on a field trip to Seattle. We don’t live too far from the city, but taking 9 kids anywhere can be stressful. Funny thing is — I didn’t feel stressed at all. We went to the Seattle Art Museum (which is free for kids under 12 and free for everyone on the first Thursday of every month!) and wandered around Pike Place. Just the experience of walking around downtown can be exciting for my littlest ones so it was fun to take in all the sights and smells.

Then we came back home and eventually they were picked up, one by one. Dead tired on the couch — my heart was so happy listening to all of them in the house together.

I had a great time and I *think* the kids did too. Funny thing about chaos — once you are pretty accustomed to managing it — life can be lots of fun.





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