When You Don’t Know Where to Start, Start at the Beginning

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The only day better than Jan 1 to start writing again is April 1 April 2nd. : ) Why? I don’t know. Just sounds good.  I am dragging lately. Too much to do. Too little time to do it.  And it really feels like my weeks are getting longer and longer. I can’t wait until summer — but then it’s summervacaychaos all over again. *sigh*

Anyway, I jotted these down before I went to sleep last night so here are my tips to make it through the week. Pick and choose depending on how they apply to you:

  • Don’t take Plaquenil on an empty stomach. Lupus has been mostly kind to me for the last few weeks. I think it’s my new diet. My meds, not so much.

  • If you choose snacks your kids think are gross, they won’t touch them.  They have their snacks, I have mine. I know this sounds sneaky and wrong, but I really got tired of hiding snacks from my kids so I just decided to start buying gross food.  My favorites this week are Haagen Das Green Tea ice cream (my kids hate this!! WINNNNNN!!), La Croix Grapefruit Sparkling Water (I mix with packets of Crystal Light for a yummy fruit soda…shhhhhh!!!), Sunsweet brand prunes. Yuck, I know. But still…yummy. I’m slowly on my way to becoming one of those crazy old ladies.
  • Coupon clipping can be incredibly relaxing. I don’t even buy half the items I cut coupons for, but something about doing something that requires so much organization is incredibly calming. Check out my coupon blog if you haven’t already.
  • Send someone a funny text message. I have a group of ladies that make me laugh my ass off on the daily. They keep me smiling all week long.

  • I’ve been working with a local therapy clinic doing marketing and have the awesome task of combing through interesting articles, etc for their site.  (I also really love their waiting room!)  Do me a solid and “like” their Facebook, would ya?  I feel so balanced and healthy reading balanced and healthy stuff on the internet all day long. (LOL). My two favorite “aha” moments while reading — these two glorious and obvious tips.  I honestly can’t understand why I never figured these out before.  I’m going to do my best to stick to these:

Don’t let yourself fall into “empty.” Keep cash in the house. Keep gas in your tank. Keep an extra roll of toilet paper squirreled away. Keep your phone charged.

Don’t keep excessive amounts of anything. Those glass vases that come from florists. Those ketchup packets that come with take-out food. A house with two adults probably doesn’t need fifteen mismatched souvenir coffee cups.

Source:  Psychology Today

Mmmmmkay. That’s all for now.  More randomness tomorrow.


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