This post has nothing to do with my boots except that I took them off to write it

More blogging about blogging.

I rambled a little on Sunday about how blogging is like exercising. Or couponing. If you don’t do it enough your head gets overfilled with ideas, just like my dining table with coupons.  And starting up again — phew — that’s the equivalent of my hitting the treadmill for the first time in months. NOT a pretty site.

But sometimes there isn’t a trick to it — there’s  no magic calendar. No magic reminder alarm going off on my phone. No rubberband around my wrist reminding me that there was something I forgot to do (snapping it to sting yourself is also a nice Pavlov’s dog exercise by the way).

Blogging, exercising, couponing (although that’s a stretch) — are all the same. The only way to do it, is just to do it.  There’s no right way, there’s no wrong way, there’s just doing it.  I used to think I would start writing more when I got my blog page looking exactly the way that I want it.  Or I would start couponing more if I had the right binder. Or I would start working out more if I had the right pair of tennis shoes and matching ponytail holder (LOL — that’s a lie —  hahahahhaha…..)

I had a not so great doctor appointment  yesterday. Without getting into too much detail, I’m reminded of my health issues.  I sometimes forget. The pill popping and the pain become such a normal part of my every day life that I have learned to let it just happen in the background.  But blood tests bring it back to my attention and I’m having to think about my to-do list.  I have my every day tasks.  I have my children tasks. These overlap in many places. These things are important to me.  Most important to me.  But then there are my just for me tasks — and these are the ones that take the most effort.  And they shouldn’t. These are the things that make me feel most like me.  Sure I love the things I do with my children, and I love volunteering at the elementary school, and I adore watching my little one in swimming class. But every once in awhile we deserve to do things that exercise our minds and our hearts and our bodies. Getting those things in sync is my biggest challenge.  (I’m preaching to the choir here — I know it mamas.)

In the interest of self-preservation today, put yourself first and cross off a to-do on your me list. Even a small one.

Blog post. Done. : )


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