Tell Me Your Secret: Stealing Time

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On Tuesday morning I realized that I had not yet updated to iOS5 — and I was missing out on some valuable messenger chat time with my online seesters @lopchelle, @akomuzikera, and @itsjustdi.  Forget all the bells and whistles — off the grid chatting with these ladies is the number one most compelling reason I would have to update my phone.  I tried to do it a couple of weeks ago but trying to get all my photos off my phone turned into a HUGE ordeal.  So I promised them I would do the update as soon as I had a free hour or two.

So, since then I have been tweeting (more than usual if you can believe that) about what I’m doing, where I’m at in my to-do list, what else I have to do, etc. etc.  Mostly to let them know that I haven’t forgotten about the update — I just haven’t gotten to that free hour.  It’s now THURSDAY.  Thursday people — and I realize that in 48 hours I have not had ONE hour to myself (where I wasn’t completely exhausted) and had time to update my phone.  Whenever I have a small chunk of time, it doesn’t seem convenient because I actually need my phone. Seems like such a small and frivolous thing I want to do for myself — but I keep pushing it to the back burner — especially when there is something that needs to be done for someone else.

I mean — I’m WAY less busy than I was when we lived in North Carolina — I even stopped breaking out in a cold sweat every time I get in the car for tuck and roll day — but still — WHY is it so hard to carve out an hour of time for myself? It seems being busy is a bad habit I have trouble with, no matter which coast I live on. 

What’s your favorite way to steal time for yourself? (Besides hiding in the bathroom for fifteen minutes a day — because right now, that’s mine. Totally unproductive.)



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