Love Note to Myself


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  I don’t like the candy.  I don’t like my kids eating the candy. I don’t like buying the candy.  I don’t like giving the candy away.  Maybe if there wasn’t so much sugar involved I would like it more.  I’m tempted to be one of those people that gives out toothbrushes at Halloween but I’ll have to wait until my kids are grown and out of the house.  I don’t want their friends to egg us.

But I love making costumes, dressing my kids up, walking around, holding hands, and just generally how happy everyone is.  I like that we live in a small town now where the kids don’t seem too concerned with how much candy they get — everyone seems just really excited to be out and about.  It was super crowded downtown and even though I didn’t see any familiar faces, everyone acts like they know each other.  Like all the villagers came out to play or something.

I worked all weekend on my kids and husband’s costumes — I forgot to make one for myself!! This is my motherhood moment for the week — I constantly put their needs ahead of my own (don’t we all?) — but for Halloween, I honestly had such a good time doing it, that I didn’t even care : )

Then we came home — exhausted and cold — and I had forgotten that I made chili in a crockpot earlier in the day.  We were welcomed by the awesome smell and a prepared dinner.  It was like a love note I had left for myself.  I was SO happy! My hands were freezing!  A big bowl warmed me instantly.  How did I know at the start of my day that this would be the perfect dinner to eat by the fireplace with my tired and happy family?  Sometimes even when we are busy doing things for others — we are still subconsciously taking care of our needs, even when we don’t realize it.  I enjoy being a mother on most days (don’t judge me on the off days, mmkay?) but today? Today I loved it.

Happy Halloween my sweets!


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