Should You Only Blog About One Thing?

Are you a blogger?  Have you ever looked at the section in your STATS that’s called “Search Terms”?

Deep Fried Love

This is the weirdest list I have ever seen — the most popular search terms in my list have to do with deep frying oreos.  Which means I have written post upon heartfelt post about losing my home, my experience with foreclosure, my feelings about coparenting, heart disease,  — but my blog comes up when people search for how to deep fry oreos.  I have shared my deepest fears and most people find my blog while searching for decadent deep fried gooey milk dippers.  Fantastic. 

The next most popular search terms have to do with ex’s, bastards, and hugging yourself.  Someone even searched for “f*ck off” and my blog returned in their search engine.  Just awesome.

Now, I don’t know if you are supposed to use the stats or the search terms in this way — but I suppose this information is useful somehow.  I’m a bit scattered lately (more than usual).  Now that we are done with the house issues, I have a lot of trouble deciding what I want to write about. 

I hate this stupid picture.

I feel a lot of pressure to keep writing about foreclosure, simply because I think the information I find might be helpful to other people.  But I want to get past that experience and move on with our life.  It’s so depressing to think about how much time I wasted.  I don’t want to waste any more.

I sometimes want to write about what I know and dedicate my entire blog to coparenting.  Unfortunately, it will be difficult to write more in-depth posts about my experience without making other people sound like complete assholes.  Hmmmm.

Apparently this is going to require a little more focus.  Wish me luck.



4 thoughts on “Should You Only Blog About One Thing?

  1. My thought is that you should write about one thing, so long as that one thing is big, dynamic, and interesting enough to keep you engaged. Deep fried Oreos? That sounds like too narrow a topic (if a delicious one), but foreclosure-I’d give that a maybe. I think ultimately, we all have to choose to blog about the things that we want to stay constantly engaged in, learning about, and experiencing anew over time. At least that’s what I think.

    • If I sit and review the things I’ve written about, it seems like that one thing may be my recovery — out of a life I wasn’t entirely happy with. I think I’m going to need to do some more reading of fellow bloggers to get a good feel for what/how to stay true to a theme. Thank you!

  2. This is the struggle I’m facing on my blog. I’m trying to transition from just a mommy blogger to more of a lifestyle blogger. It’s very hard.

    I say write about what you are passionate about!

    Hugs and Mocha,

    • Good advice : ) Maybe I need to do a better job of organizing my thoughts in categories? For now I write when it strikes me, so we’ll see how it goes. Thank you!

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