Love Triangle

Remember when you were a teenager and you liked a boy who liked you back, but somewhere along the way another girl liked the same boy and she was your best friend and you loved her more than you liked him? Different combinations of this and TADAAAA — the “love triangle” is born.

Oh the drama…ohhhh the dilemma…when you’re young and have no experience these dramas take up so much space and time in your every day life. Heartbreak is inevitable.

But then I grew up. And I had one wonderful child. And then I had another. And another and another. And another. And would you believe it — one more. From different places, they all found their way into my home.

And sometimes they like each other and sometimes they don’t. And sometimes I like them and sometimes I don’t.

But I am constantly and forever in love with each of them.

When parenting this many children, with so many other parents, there are always going to be feelings of push and pull, jealousy and the like.  One of my biggest challenges is making sure my children know that there will always be enough love for everyone.  My heart expands beyond any triangle, square, or circle you can imagine. And it turns out, the inevitable heartbreak that I thought would consume me — also gave me the capacity to love beyond the confines of romance.

And that is how they have healed me.



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