Friday Five: Things I Miss About North Carolina

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 Bojangles — If you’ve never dined at this cajun chicken establishment, you are seriously missing out. It’s greasy and crunchy love at it’s finest.  We have Bojangles french fries seasoning at home and put it on everything.

Image Credit: Little Miss Sunshine

 Sunshine — Yes, I know that Seattle is known for constant rainfall.  It actually doesn’t rain as much as you think it might.  But, the sunshine is few and far between.  I miss waking up to the Southern sun.

Image Credit: Rebecca Lipscomb

 My Parents — They make me a little crazy.  But I miss having them drive up whenever I want, and even unexpectedly. I miss having them yell at me about stuff that’s not my fault, neurotically clean my house, and showing up with random animals.

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 Strangers — So everyone here is super nice.  But mostly people keep to themselves.  People are polite and I have had some great conversations with strangers.  But it never seems to be anything besides polite conversation — and this is weird, but I never see the same stranger twice.  I miss the cashier at my local Harris Teeter, the barista at my favorite drive-thru Starbucks, the waitress at the Chinese restaurant near our old house.  I miss chatting with strangers that later become familiar faces — or bother to remember my face.

Southern Accents — Weird, since I don’t have one. But I miss the Southern twang.


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