Friday Five: My Favorite Blogs

I read somewhere that to be a good writer — you have to be a good reader.  I normally do a little research on a theory before I go all out and follow it — but this seems like a safe one to believe.  I have an incredible appetite for reading, with very little free time — so blogs are fun and easy reading for me.  I use the following criteria for deciding whether or not I’m going to keep reading someone’s blog: 

  1. I like the pictures.
  2. I consistently learn something new. 
  3. I laugh. (Shooting coffee out my nose is a big plus).
  4. They are people I might want to stalk have coffee or a beer with in real life.
  5. I’m inspired.

One or more of these criteria usually means that I will subscribe to your blog and read it every chance I get.  Here are my favorite FIVE (in no particular order — I lurk these sites with equal creepiness):

Penelope Trunk  She’s superbly interesting, honest, and inspiring.  I secretly want to be her.  Minus the Farmer. 

Seth Godin  Lots of reasons to read this blog.  I just like his bald head (and some of the ideas that come from it). #dontjudgeme

Decor8  In my dream life, I have a beautifully decorated home.  I visit this site to steal bits of inspiration and pretend I’m closer than I think.

Bookwoman  I actually have had coffee…and food…and more coffee…with Lisa Rosen.  Well, actually she drinks tea — I drink coffee.  She’s a fabulous writer (she’s written a novel and is working on her second) and an even fabulouser (not a word but whatever) person.  Her blog is about everyday life, heart disease, running, mothering, and she shares some really great recipes. 

Amber Austen I haven’t met Amber IRL — but we have exchanged emails.  The translation of her personal story is lovely.  I hope to go dancing with her someday.


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