Give Yourself Six Months Before Giving Up

I think I read somewhere that it takes six full months to really be comfortable and recover after any big life change.  I bet it was one of those give-yourself-a break & hug-yourself-tight self-help books.  I don’t remember. 

The term “life change” refers to events like: a new job, a new home, a new relationship or the loss of a job, the loss of a home, the loss of a relationship, etc.  I like to think of this rule whenever I feel impatient with a change in my life and try my best to refer to the six-month timeline before giving up or walking away.

I fought the foreclosure on my home for three years.  Give or take a few months.

I tried to reason with the job that “separated” me for less than an hour.  Maybe less.

Six months would have been the correct period of time for either of the items above.  Those two “life changes” quickly snowballed into a series of other “life changes” that may have sent most people to the loony bin.  Fresh sheets.  Quiet rooms.  Big windows to stare out of.  Lesson learned.

If I added up all the “life changes” that have happened in the last three years and then multiplied those by six months each, it would take me years — literally YEARS! — to be comfortable in my skin again.  I sincerely hope it doesn’t take that long.  I need for recovery to NOT be the only goal in my life. 

We moved cross-country from North Carolina to Washington State approximately six months ago.  I’ve been waiting to process it all before I started to write about it.  And to make sure I survived most of the winter. (No one wants to read blogposts about how ass cold it is and how I want to bury myself in the dirt and just die from the snow and rain.)

So here I am: at peace with my decisions, mostly healthy, and ready to start writing again.   *Southern girl wave* “Haaaaaaaaaaaaay!” 


Thank you for your photos:  1Funny, Apartment Therapy,


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