My Friday Five: Things I Can’t Live Without

(in no particular order)

1) Internet. I’ve struggled this week with limited connectivity. I planned to catch up on work items, personal things, emails, etc. this week and haven’t been able to do anything. I depend on the Internet as part of my every day.

2) Childhood friends. I have caught up with a handful of childhood friends this week and am excited to see and spend more time together tonight. They are an important part of who I am today

3) My husband. He’s been gone for three weeks for work. I don’t want to be separated for much longer.

4) The beach. I grew up only a very short drive from the water. The ocean and the sand change me…not in a vacation sort of way, but in the quiet and calming way that an hour of yoga centers me.

5) Family prayer. Every night at dinner on this family vacation, my father is careful to let my youngest niece say Grace at dinner. We end the prayer with a LOUD: “AAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMEEEEEN” ….there are six adults and eight children. “Amen” comes out sounding more like a cheer of “Go Team!!!!” In many ways, it is our cheer. Despite living in different places, having very different lives, different struggles and concerns — prayer is the one thing we have in common and pass on to our children with no hesitation or doubt. Language and culture are sometimes lost from one generation to another, prayer, when emphasized as a family ritual, is not.


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